Friday, February 18, 2011


I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog. Maybe I'll start another one....who knows, but in the meantime, this one's going to print. I hope you will remember some of my words and maybe read them to the next generation. It was fun writing them. ~ NLP


  1. So sorry to read that your public journal entries are finished. I have enjoyed the connection. I miss you and I'm sorry I will miss your trip back. Hope you and yours are doing well. Please stay in touch.


  2. Why does your blog have to end if you're going to print it? Just because you're moving into a retirement doesn't mean you're in retirement from life. You'll have many more thoughts to post as you have more adventures in the years to come...

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog, you are very insightful. I hope you reconcider and write more on this blog. Other wise how will I keep connected with you?